Articles | Volume 13, issue 5
Development and technical paper
26 May 2020
Development and technical paper |  | 26 May 2020

An online emission module for atmospheric chemistry transport models: implementation in COSMO-GHG v5.6a and COSMO-ART v5.1-3.1

Michael Jähn, Gerrit Kuhlmann, Qing Mu, Jean-Matthieu Haussaire, David Ochsner, Katherine Osterried, Valentin Clément, and Dominik Brunner

Data sets

EDGAR inventories European Joint Research Centre (JRC)

Model code and software

COSMO Emission Processing (Version 1.0) M. Jähn, G. Kuhlmann, Q. Mu, J.-M. Haussaire, D. Ochsner, and D. Brunner

Python package “emiproc” C2SM-RCM

Short summary
Emission inventories of air pollutants and greenhouse gases are widely used as input for atmospheric chemistry transport models. However, the pre-processing of these data is both time-consuming and requires a large amount of disk storage. To overcome this issue, a Python package has been developed and tested for two different models. There, the inventory is projected to the model grid and scaling factors are provided. This approach saves computational time while remaining numerically equivalent.