Articles | Volume 13, issue 3
Model evaluation paper
12 Mar 2020
Model evaluation paper |  | 12 Mar 2020

Implementation of Yale Interactive terrestrial Biosphere model v1.0 into GEOS-Chem v12.0.0: a tool for biosphere–chemistry interactions

Yadong Lei, Xu Yue, Hong Liao, Cheng Gong, and Lin Zhang

Model code and software

The global chemistry-vegetation model (GC-YIBs) Y. Lei and X. Yue

Site-level Yale Interactive terrestrial Biosphere Model X. Yue

Source code repository for the GEOS-Chem model of atmospheric chemistry and composition GEOS-Chem

Short summary
We coupled a dynamic vegetation model YIBs with the chemical transport model GEOS-Chem to develop a new tool for studying interactions between atmospheric chemistry and biosphere. Within this framework, leaf area index and stomatal conductance are predicted for chemical simulations. In turn, surface ozone causes negative impacts to plant growth and the consequent dry deposition. Such interactions are important for air pollution prediction but ignored in most of current chemical models.