Articles | Volume 12, issue 8
Model description paper
19 Aug 2019
Model description paper |  | 19 Aug 2019

The Parcels v2.0 Lagrangian framework: new field interpolation schemes

Philippe Delandmeter and Erik van Sebille

Model code and software

OceanParcels/parcels: Parcels v2.0.0: a Lagrangian Ocean Analysis tool for the petascale age Erik van Sebille; Philippe Delandmeter; Michael Lange; Willi Rath; Joe Scutt Phillips; Simnator101; pdnooteboom; Joel Kronborg; Thomas-95; David Wichmann; nathanieltarshish; Julius Busecke; Raymond Edwards; Miriam Sterl; Shaun Walbridge; Mikael Kaandorp; hart-davis; Philippe Miron; IsoldeGlissenaar; Guido Vettoretti; David A. Ham

OceanParcels/parcels_cgrid_interpolation_schemes: Parcels v2.0 C-grid interpolation schemes Philippe Delandmeter

OceanParcels/Parcelsv2.0PaperNorthSeaScripts: Parcelsv2.0PaperNorthSeaScripts Philippe Delandmeter

Short summary
Parcels is a framework to compute how ocean currents transport stuff such as plankton and plastic around. In the latest version 2.0 of Parcels, we focus on more accurate interpolation schemes and implement methods to seamlessly combine data from different sources (such as winds and currents, possibly in different regions). We show that this framework is very efficient for tracking how microplastic is transported through the North Sea into the Arctic.