Articles | Volume 12, issue 3
Methods for assessment of models
22 Mar 2019
Methods for assessment of models |  | 22 Mar 2019

LIVVkit 2.1: automated and extensible ice sheet model validation

Katherine J. Evans, Joseph H. Kennedy, Dan Lu, Mary M. Forrester, Stephen Price, Jeremy Fyke, Andrew R. Bennett, Matthew J. Hoffman, Irina Tezaur, Charles S. Zender, and Miren Vizcaíno

Data sets

LIVVkit/LEX v0.1.0 J. H. Kennedy, K. J. Evans, M. M. Forrester, and A. R. Bennett

Model code and software

LIVVkit/LIVVkit: LIVVkit 2.1.6 J. H. Kennedy, A. Bennett, K. Evans, S. Price, D. Ranken, M. Norman, J. Fyke, M. Hoffman, and W. Lipscomb

Short summary
A robust validation of ice sheet models is presented using LIVVkit, version 2.1. It targets ice sheet and coupled Earth system models, and handles datasets and operations that require high-performance computing and storage. We apply LIVVkit to a Greenland ice sheet simulation to show the degree to which it captures the surface mass balance. LIVVkit identifies a positive bias due to insufficient melting compared to observations that is focused largely around Greenland's southwest region.