Articles | Volume 11, issue 1
Model description paper
01 Feb 2018
Model description paper |  | 01 Feb 2018

Online dynamical downscaling of temperature and precipitation within the iLOVECLIM model (version 1.1)

Aurélien Quiquet, Didier M. Roche, Christophe Dumas, and Didier Paillard

Model code and software

LOVECLIM model source code UCL (Univerité catholique de Louvain)

Server dedicated to the IPSL models code management IPSL (Institut Pierre Simon Laplace)

Short summary
Earth system models of intermediate complexity generally have a simplified model physics and a coarse model resolution. In this work we present the inclusion of an online dynamical downscaling of temperature and precipitation in such a model. This downscaling explicitly takes into account sub-grid topography. With this new model functionality we are able to simulate temperature and precipitation on a 40 km grid for the whole Northern Hemisphere from the native model resolution.