Articles | Volume 11, issue 9
Model experiment description paper
26 Sep 2018
Model experiment description paper |  | 26 Sep 2018

An ensemble of AMIP simulations with prescribed land surface temperatures

Duncan Ackerley, Robin Chadwick, Dietmar Dommenget, and Paola Petrelli

Data sets

AMIP ACCESS 1.0 prescribed land experiment collection v1.0: PLAMIP Duncan Ackerley

Short summary
Climate models have been run using observed sea surface temperatures to identify biases in the atmospheric circulation. In this work, land surface temperatures are also constrained, which is not routinely done. Experiments include increasing sea surface temperatures, quadrupling atmospheric carbon dioxide and increasing solar radiation. The response of the land surface is then allowed or suppressed, and the global climate is evaluated. Information on how to obtain the model data is also given.