Articles | Volume 11, issue 8
Development and technical paper
30 Aug 2018
Development and technical paper |  | 30 Aug 2018

BrAHMs V1.0: a fast, physically based subglacial hydrology model for continental-scale application

Mark Kavanagh and Lev Tarasov

Model code and software

BrAHMs V1.0 Basal hydrology model code with validation drivers M. Kavanagh and L. Tarasov

Short summary
We present and validate BrAHMs (BAsal Hydrology Model): a new physically based basal hydrology model, which captures the two main types of subglacial drainage systems (high-pressure distributed systems and low-pressure channelized systems). BrAHMs is designed for continental glacial cycle scale contexts, for which computational speed is essential. This speed is accomplished, in part, by numerical methods novel to basal hydrology contexts.