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Development and technical paper
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30 Aug 2018
Development and technical paper | Highlight paper |  | 30 Aug 2018

The Variable Infiltration Capacity model version 5 (VIC-5): infrastructure improvements for new applications and reproducibility

Joseph J. Hamman, Bart Nijssen, Theodore J. Bohn, Diana R. Gergel, and Yixin Mao

Model code and software

VIC.5.0.1 J. J. Hamman, B. Nijssen, T. Bohn, W. Franssen, Y. Mao, D. Gergel, H. Helgason, B. Peng, and A. Craig

Short summary
Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) is a widely used hydrologic model. This paper documents the development of VIC version 5, which includes a reconfiguration of the model source code to support a wider range of modeling applications. It also represents a significant step forward for the VIC user community in terms of support for a range of modeling applications, reproducibility, and scientific robustness.