Articles | Volume 11, issue 3
Development and technical paper
23 Mar 2018
Development and technical paper |  | 23 Mar 2018

A hydrological emulator for global applications – HE v1.0.0

Yaling Liu, Mohamad Hejazi, Hongyi Li, Xuesong Zhang, and Guoyong Leng

Model code and software

Xanthos – A Global Hydrologic Model X. Li, C. R. Vernon, M. I. Hejazi, R. P. Link, L. Feng, Y. Liu, L. T. Rauchenstein

Short summary
This hydrologic emulator provides researchers with an easy way to investigate the variations in water budgets at any spatial scale of interest, with minimum requirements of effort, reasonable model predictability, and appealing computational efficiency. We expect it to have a profound influence on scientific endeavors in hydrological modeling and to excite the immediate interest of researchers working on climate impact assessments, uncertainty/sensitivity analysis, and integrated assessment.