Articles | Volume 10, issue 11
Geosci. Model Dev., 10, 4005–4033, 2017

Special issue: Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project phase 4 (PMIP4)...

Special issue: Climate model simulations of the last millennium

Geosci. Model Dev., 10, 4005–4033, 2017

Model experiment description paper 07 Nov 2017

Model experiment description paper | 07 Nov 2017

The PMIP4 contribution to CMIP6 – Part 3: The last millennium, scientific objective, and experimental design for the PMIP4 past1000 simulations

Johann H. Jungclaus et al.

Data sets

WCRP Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) World Climate Research Programme

Solar forcing data sets PMIP4 past1000

Volcanic stratospheric sulphur injections and aerosol optical depth from 500 BCE to 1900 CE ( M. Toohey and M. Sigl

Supplement of Easy Volcanic Aerosol (EVA v1.0): an idealized forcing generator for climate simulations M. Toohey, B. Stevens, H. Schmidt, and C. Timmreck

PMIP4 PMOD_14C solar forcing data, Mendeley Data, v1 E. Rozanov

SATIRE-M reconstruction of spectral solar irradiance over the Holocene C.-J. Wu

Short summary
Climate model simulations covering the last millennium provide context for the evolution of the modern climate and for the expected changes during the coming centuries. They can help identify plausible mechanisms underlying palaeoclimatic reconstructions. Here, we describe the forcing boundary conditions and the experimental protocol for simulations covering the pre-industrial millennium. We describe the PMIP4 past1000 simulations as contributions to CMIP6 and additional sensitivity experiments.