Articles | Volume 10, issue 9
Methods for assessment of models
28 Sep 2017
Methods for assessment of models |  | 28 Sep 2017

Ellipsoids (v1.0): 3-D magnetic modelling of ellipsoidal bodies

Diego Takahashi and Vanderlei C. Oliveira Jr.

Model code and software

Ellipsoids (v1.0): 3D Magnetic modelling of ellipsoidal bodies D. Takahashi and V. C. Oliveira Jr.

Short summary
Ellipsoids are the only bodies for which the self-demagnetization can be treated analytically. This property is useful for modelling compact orebodies having high susceptibility. We present a review of the magnetic modelling of ellipsoids, propose a way of determining the isotropic susceptibility above which the self-demagnetization must be considered, and discuss the ambiguity between confocal ellipsoids, as well as provide a set of routines to model the magnetic field produced by ellipsoids.