Articles | Volume 10, issue 7
Development and technical paper
10 Jul 2017
Development and technical paper |  | 10 Jul 2017

Constraining DALECv2 using multiple data streams and ecological constraints: analysis and application

Sylvain Delahaies, Ian Roulstone, and Nancy Nichols

Model code and software

VAREC: a matlab package for Variational data assimilation for the DALEC model S. Delahaies

Short summary
Carbon is a fundamental constituent of life and understanding its global cycle is a key challenge for the modelling of the Earth system. We use a variational method to estimate parameters and initial conditions for the carbon cycle model DALECv2 using multiple sources of observations. We develop a methodology that helps understanding the nature of the inverse problem and evaluating solution strategies, then we demonstrate the efficiency of the variational method in an experiment using real data.