Articles | Volume 10, issue 3
Model evaluation paper
27 Mar 2017
Model evaluation paper |  | 27 Mar 2017

Evaluation of JULES-crop performance against site observations of irrigated maize from Mead, Nebraska

Karina Williams, Jemma Gornall, Anna Harper, Andy Wiltshire, Debbie Hemming, Tristan Quaife, Tim Arkebauer, and David Scoby

Data sets

AmeriFlux Site Information (formerly at: AmeriFlux collaboration

Model code and software

JULES land-surface model JULES collaboration

PySellersTwoStream T. Quaife

Short summary
This study looks in detail at how well the crop model within the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES), a community land-surface model, is able to simulate irrigated maize in Nebraska. We use the results to point to future priorities for model development and describe how our methodology can be adapted to set up model runs for other sites and crop varieties.