Community software to support the delivery of CMIP5
Community software to support the delivery of CMIP5
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CMIP5 represents the most ambitious and computer-intensive model inter-comparison project ever attempted. Integrating a new generation of Earth system models and sharing the model results with a broad community has brought with it many significant technical challenges, along with new community-wide efforts to provide the necessary software infrastructure. This special issue will focus on the software that supports the scientific enterprise for CMIP5, including: couplers and coupling frameworks for Earth system models; the Common Information Model and Controlled Vocabulary for describing models and data; The development of the Earth System Grid Federation; the development of new portals for providing data access to different end-user communities; the scholarly publishing of datasets, and studies of the software development and testing processes used for the CMIP5 models. We especially welcome papers that offer comparative studies of the software approaches taken by different groups, and lessons learnt from community efforts to create shareable software components and frameworks.

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06 Nov 2015
An automatic and effective parameter optimization method for model tuning
T. Zhang, L. Li, Y. Lin, W. Xue, F. Xie, H. Xu, and X. Huang
Geosci. Model Dev., 8, 3579–3591,,, 2015
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21 Mar 2014
Development and exploitation of a controlled vocabulary in support of climate modelling
M.-P. Moine, S. Valcke, B. N. Lawrence, C. Pascoe, R. W. Ford, A. Alias, V. Balaji, P. Bentley, G. Devine, S. A. Callaghan, and E. Guilyardi
Geosci. Model Dev., 7, 479–493,,, 2014
14 Jan 2014
A fast input/output library for high-resolution climate models
X. M. Huang, W. C. Wang, H. H. Fu, G. W. Yang, B. Wang, and C. Zhang
Geosci. Model Dev., 7, 93–103,,, 2014
14 Mar 2013
The OASIS3 coupler: a European climate modelling community software
S. Valcke
Geosci. Model Dev., 6, 373–388,,, 2013
21 Dec 2012
Coupling technologies for Earth System Modelling
S. Valcke, V. Balaji, A. Craig, C. DeLuca, R. Dunlap, R. W. Ford, R. Jacob, J. Larson, R. O'Kuinghttons, G. D. Riley, and M. Vertenstein
Geosci. Model Dev., 5, 1589–1596,,, 2012
28 Nov 2012
Describing Earth system simulations with the Metafor CIM
B. N. Lawrence, V. Balaji, P. Bentley, S. Callaghan, C. DeLuca, S. Denvil, G. Devine, M. Elkington, R. W. Ford, E. Guilyardi, M. Lautenschlager, M. Morgan, M.-P. Moine, S. Murphy, C. Pascoe, H. Ramthun, P. Slavin, L. Steenman-Clark, F. Toussaint, A. Treshansky, and S. Valcke
Geosci. Model Dev., 5, 1493–1500,,, 2012
13 Aug 2012
Quality assessment concept of the World Data Center for Climate and its application to CMIP5 data
M. Stockhause, H. Höck, F. Toussaint, and M. Lautenschlager
Geosci. Model Dev., 5, 1023–1032,,, 2012
CC BY 4.0