Articles | Volume 7, issue 2
Development and technical paper
26 Mar 2014
Development and technical paper |  | 26 Mar 2014

An improved non-iterative surface layer flux scheme for atmospheric stable stratification conditions

Y. Li, Z. Gao, D. Li, L. Wang, and H. Wang

Abstract. Parameterization of turbulent fluxes under stably stratified conditions has always been a challenge. Current surface fluxes calculation schemes either need iterations or suffer low accuracy. In this paper, a non-iterative scheme is proposed to approach the classic iterative computation results using multiple regressions. It can be applied to the full range of roughness status 10 ≤ z/z0 ≤ 105 and −0.5 ≤ log (z0/z0h) ≤ 30 under stable conditions 0 < RiB ≤ 2.5. The maximum (average) relative errors for the turbulent transfer coefficients for momentum and sensible heat are 12% (1%) and 9% (1%), respectively.