Articles | Volume 3, issue 2
Model description paper
29 Nov 2010
Model description paper |  | 29 Nov 2010

IMOGEN: an intermediate complexity model to evaluate terrestrial impacts of a changing climate

C. Huntingford, B. B. B. Booth, S. Sitch, N. Gedney, J. A. Lowe, S. K. Liddicoat, L. M. Mercado, M. J. Best, G. P. Weedon, R. A. Fisher, M. R. Lomas, P. Good, P. Zelazowski, A. C. Everitt, A. C. Spessa, and C. D. Jones

Abstract. We present a computationally efficient modelling system, IMOGEN, designed to undertake global and regional assessment of climate change impacts on the physical and biogeochemical behaviour of the land surface. A pattern-scaling approach to climate change drives a gridded land surface and vegetation model MOSES/TRIFFID. The structure allows extrapolation of General Circulation Model (GCM) simulations to different future pathways of greenhouse gases, including rapid first-order assessments of how the land surface and associated biogeochemical cycles might change. Evaluation of how new terrestrial process understanding influences such predictions can also be made with relative ease.